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Have you been arrested and charged with a crime? Have you been involved in a car accident or injured and need help? Do you have contract or real estate issues affecting you financially and need help? Whatever your legal problem is, I am here to help you fight for your rights and provide competent, professional, aggressive representation to resolve your problems and help you find the justice you deserve. 


Criminal Defense

Were you convicted of a crime in Florida? We help resolve your criminal issues and obtain Results That Matter for you. We understand you, your family, your personal and professional life are all affected when facing criminal changes. No matter what you’re being charged with, we treat you with the respect you deserve and aggressively fight to protect your rights.


Were you or a loved one involved in a car accident? Did you or a loved one suffer an injury due to the negligence of someone else? We can help. We hold those parties accountable and help you receive compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and future lose. We handle cases involving car accident related injuries, TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injuries) and other serious injuries. Let us help you or your loved one through your difficult time.


Are you involved in a dispute as it relates to payment, contract disputes or defective work? We can help you. We help home owners, business owners and contractors resolve complex construction related issues. To prove our serious dedication to helping you, we staff a Florida Certified General Contractor to ensure we completely understand all construction documents, building codes, administration processes, means and methods to handle your case in most effective manner possible.


Are you involved in a failed marriage, looking to decrease child support or seeking visitation with your children? We are here to help you. When faced with complex family dynamics, life because harder. Not knowing if you will lose all your savings or never see your children again can cause any normal person to feel loss and stressed. Let our office help you understand you family law rights in Florida and help you can back control of your life.

When you have a legal issue that interferes with your life, you need an attorney who cares and will represent you tenaciously.

Do you need an attorney? Do you need someone that represents you during the most difficult times in your life? Choosing an attorney can be as stressful as the matter and issues you’re involved in. 

Attorney Lysa Clifton understands the stress legal problems cause on all aspects of your life. She is empathetic and understands your worries and concerns.  She also understands your legal issues and will represent you aggressively to get you results that matter.

You only get one shot at a good defense. You get one shot to fight and win your legal matter. Let the law firm and Attorney Lysa Clifton help you make it count when your life and the law cross paths to represent you aggressively, with superior knowledge while maintaining a professional demeanor to help you win the ultimate legal battle causing chaos in your life. 

Why Us? Our focus is on YOU.

Our Firm’s focus is keeping you protected, fighting for your rights and speaking truth to power.

You only get


At a good defense.

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